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Upcoming Events at Summit of Peace. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call the office 303-452-0448!

  • Confirmation Cards

    The Rite of Confirmation & First Communion is finally happening for our confirmands who have waited months due to covid cancellations. On Oct 25th our students will have a special outdoor worship service at 1pm to honor their commitment to Christ. Please consider bringing hand written cards to church, or signing their virtual eCards. The list of names & virtual cards are available here.

  • Faithfully Forward Sermon Series

    Sept. 13 - Nov. 1

    Six months ago our world changed in ways that are hard for us to comprehend and most of us are still wrestling with what the new normal will be. But the testimony of God’s Word reminds us that He was not caught off guard. In fact, His Word reminds us that not only does God know what will happen, but He also uses all circumstances to bring about His will. For this series we will explore what God might be trying to teach us during this time, both as a church but also as individuals. Trusting in Him we strain Faithfully Forward!

  • In Person Services

    8:00am & 10:30am beginning 10/4/20

    In-person services have resumed for both services. We will still be offering online livestream services. Space is limited to only 50 people (including staff & volunteers). Remember you will need to sign up for each family member. We are strongly encouraging the use of the links to sign up. If you need help getting into CCB please do not hesitate to reach out to the office for help. 303-452-0448  or email

  • Drive-Thru Communion

    Sundays 9:15am-10:00am

     “Drive-Thru” communion will continue on Sunday mornings for those who are unable to attend our worship services in-person.   Please join us and Drive Thru for communion here at Summit of Peace on Sundays. 

  • CHEW ON THIS: FaithFULLY Forward Bible Study

    Mondays @ 12pm, starting Sept. 14th

    Grab your lunch and join Pastor Jacoby and special guests each week on Monday's at 12pm on Facebook LIVE for a Bible Study following this upcoming Sermon Series. Lunch & learn as we "chew" over the topic each week, looking faithFULLY forward.

  • Serving with Stronghold

    October 18th - 23rd

    During the week of October 18, Summit of Peace will be partnering with Stronghold Cambodia to host a variety of events called Serving with Stronghold. Our prayer is to help Cambodian children and parents physically, intellectually and spiritually so they may carry out fruitful Christian lives.


    There are several ways you can support Serving with Stronghold, both financially and spiritually. All proceeds will go to support our local church leaders to travel to Cambodia on future mission trips. Click HERE to learn more about how you can support.

  • Magnus Coffee

    As our Church seeks new ways to raise more consistent funds to support our great programs, we are super excited to introduce our new strategic partnership with Magnus Premium Coffee. Magnus Premium Coffee a Colorado-based company supports non-profits like ours by providing the platform and opportunity for YOU, our loyal sponsors, and donors to purchase something you already drink and enjoy every!  Through Magnus, we can now provide coffee for your home, office, or business.  Click HERE to order Magnus Coffee Today & support Summit of Peace.