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Upcoming Events at Summit of Peace. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call the office 303-452-0448!

  • Jesus is  ________ sermon SerIes

    Aug 6 - Sept 3

    For many years, the people of Israel waited for their Messiah, and waited and waited. By the time he did arrive, their expectations had so captivated them they most did not recognize Him for who He was. In his gospel, Matthew strives to show his people that Jesus was not only the Messiah they had hoped for, but also so much more. Is it possible He is more than you expected as well?

  • Summer BlockBusters - Adult Bible Study

    sundays - 9:20 am

    “SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS brought to you by Lutheran Hour Ministries

    The summer begins blockbuster movie season that runs through August and SOP is jumping on board! During the Adult Education Hour, SOP will be delving into Lutheran Hour Ministries’ video-based Bible studies: July: Political Thriller: Intersection of Church and State, starring the Rev. Gregory Seltz. August: Horror: Great Deceiver, starring the Rev. Michael Newman. Come learn and grow in your faith this summer! 

  • We are the church sermon series

    september 10, 17, 24

    I’m sure you’ve heard and maybe even said it, “Children Are the Future of the Church.”  But there are a few problems with this statement:  First, it may unintentionally give the impression that one day, children will be part of the church, but not until they are older.  This is of course totally untrue, because they are part of the church today.  Secondly, many churches talk as if children and youth are a priority but often times these ministries receive the least support in our churches today.  And finally, statistics show that every succeeding year fewer and fewer people are remaining in their faith after leaving their parents’ home.  At Summit of Peace we believe God has great plans for our Children and Youth and that if we all embrace what God’s word says about true discipleship and the relational aspect of our faith, we’ll discover that together “We Are the Church” today, tomorrow and forever.


  • Summit Structure Consultation

    If you would like to know the difference between policy governance vs. traditional governance, and how a change may be necessitated by our growth to ensure that Summit of Peace can stay responsive to both its membership and community, then we invite you to join us on Saturday, September 30th from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. That day we will have an expert, Paul Zilz, on Lutheran church governance presenting and answering your questions about the whats, whens, hows and whys of policy governance.

  • SOP Community Gardens

    Our Community Garden is also an Outreach Project as three garden beds are reserved to provide fresh produce to local food banks. Contact us if you want to help with this project303-452-0448 for more information Or Robbie Blum, Lead Gardener