Advent Services: Great Expectations

Wednesdays - 7 pm

The scriptures are filled with stories of birth. Some of them are long-awaited and predicted by angels. Others are unexpected and slightly controversial. But what they have in common is that each birth pointed forward; newborn glimpses of what God would ultimately do through the birth of Jesus Christ, who would enter this world crying, cold, and with the expectations of all humanity upon his tiny shoulders

Highest Praise At WinterFest

Summit of Peace's Vocalist & Praise Band: Highest Praise will once again take the stage at Thornton's Winterfest.  They will be sharing their gifts on the outer stage at 1 pm on December 8th at the Margaret Carpenter Park located off 112th & Colorado blvd.  

You can listen to their set list HERE ahead of time and then come support our music ministry!

Thornton's winterfest has live music, delicious North Pole Nibbles and a host of other festive activities for the whole family at their annual WinterFest event. Don't forget to visit Santa before you leave! To view a list of the daily activities, visit

Waiting on Jesus: A December Sermon Series From Luke

In a culture that seems to be able to provide almost instantly anything we desire, waiting for things we want is annoying. Just remember what it is like to be a child awaiting Christmas presents! But there are few things that are as difficult as waiting for something you need. God’s Old Testament people certainly knew what it meant to wait. But they aren’t the only ones. Even today it can seem as if we are still waiting for Jesus, waiting for Him to do what we want and what we need. But the testimony of the Bible is that God’s timing is perfect, and He always arrives at exactly the right moment. This Advent we turn to the Gospel of Luke and learn the blessings that can come from “Waiting for Jesus…”

  • …Like John (With Repentance)

    December 9th

    John the Baptist was one of the very few people who knew that the waiting was almost over! In fact, His very mission was to prepare everyone for a new day, the day of the Messiah. And that preparation was accomplished by turning away from our old way of life and turning toward a new one. Today we wait for Jesus like John, with repentance, and in so doing get a glimpse of the new things to come.

  • …Like Zechariah (With Silence)

    December 16th

    Waiting is hard enough as it is but waiting without questions and complaint is almost impossible! Zechariah learns this the hard way when the angel Gabriel brings news that the waiting is almost over and Zechariah has his doubts. But an amazing thing can happen when we simply sit in silence and wait for God. Today we wait like Zechariah, in silence, and in so doing discover that God has so much more for us than we ever could have imagined.

  • …Like Mary (With Submission)

    December 23rd

    Living in a place and time where we have so much control over our lives might make the idea of “submission” seem very outdated. If we are honest with ourselves, one of the reasons we are waiting for Jesus is that we don’t actually do so well at running everything. Mary certainly had her own questions to the angel’s news that she would be mother to the Messiah. But at the end of the day she realized that God’s ways are beyond our ways. Today we wait for Jesus like Mary, with submission, and in so doing find comfort in a God who has everything under control.

  • …Like Shepherds (With Praise)

    December 24th

    When the waiting is finally over, our reactions can be diverse; disappointed, joyful, fulfilled, or even grateful. But after all of the waiting, those who first heard the good news responded with praise. Praise to God who keeps His promises and remembers His people. Tonight, we wait for Jesus like the shepherds, with praise, and in so doing our anticipation turns to praise. 

  • …Like Simeon (With Faith)

    December 30th

    We all long for the day when our time of waiting turns our faith to sight and we get to behold God with our own eyes. So just imagine what it was like for Simeon on the day when he got to experience exactly that? Faith that trusts the promises of God means that one day our eyes will see it too. Today we wait for Jesus like Simeon, with faith, and in so doing anticipate the day when our faith will turn to sight as well.

Blue Christmas

A Reflective Service Which Contemplates The Hope and Healing Our Lord Brings

Sunday, December 23rd,  2018  at 3:30 pm

For those who are currently suffering, the joyous celebrations of the season can be overwhelming. But it is this very suffering that our Savior gently comes to carry. This year we are including a reflective candlelight worship service that focuses on the healing, comfort, and hope that the Lord brings into the midst of our dark world. 

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services

Summit of Peace worships the day that Love came down with three candlelight services, 5 pm, 7 pm, & 11 pm.  

  • Family Contemporary - 5pm

    This upbeat contemporary worship service brings the joy of the season to life.  Worship is led by our gifted Praise Band, with special music performed by our youth voice and bell choirs, as we celebrate the birth of our Christ with beloved Christmas hymns, Contemporary songs and a powerful message delivered by Rev. Jeremy Jacoby.

  • Traditional Service - 7 pm

    This traditional Lutheran worship services conjures up some our best memories of the Christmas season.  Worship is led by our master organist, with special music performed by our adult vocal and bell choirs, as we celebrate the birth of Christ with our most beloved Christmas hymns and a powerful message delivered by Rev. Jeremy Jacoby.

  • Traditional With Lord's Supper - 11 pm

    A peaceful and reflective celebration of the birth of Christ.  Worship is led a master pianist and cantor, with special music performed by a talented duo, as we lovingly sing our beloved Christmas hymns. Celebrate with the Lord’s Supper during this special service which extends a bit past midnight to celebrate Christmas Day.