Lifegroups: What are They? 

A LifeGroup is a group of approximately 8-12 people, who gather together for approximately 9-12 weeks, with the goal to:


CONNECT with one another relationally;


SHARE the highs and lows of life;


GROW in their faith in Jesus Christ through the study of, and sharing of, God’s Word


PRAY for themselves, group participants and anyone else in need

LIVE out their faith in the world and their lives

2023 Winter LifeGroups

week of january 8th-week of February 26th

Sign up soon/today to join a LifeGroup and CONNECT, GROW, SHARE, PRAY & LIVE with others in a small group setting.  There are multiple topics to choose from. Sign up at the church under the bulletin boards this Sunday.  Contact the office with any questions.   We hope you will join a group and grow in the Lord with your fellow brother and sisters in Christ.