We Love Cambodia

While we continue to care for the needs of those within our community, we also recognize the need to reach out into the world.  We believe that life is a long-term mission trip, and every day is a short-term mission opportunity.


Summit of Peace, along with Risen Savior and other Denver area Lutheran congregations, have been coordinating efforts to send mission teams to Cambodia for the past several years. A chronic problem in this impoverished country is the exploitation of children which occurs because children are providing for the needs of the family by street vending and begging. To address this, the congregations provide year-round support for Stronghold Cambodia. Stronghold Cambodia provides a daily meal for underprivileged children, educational programs, including English, math and computer training, Christian instruction, and instruction for the parents.


During the month of August, Summit of Peace will be hosting a variety of events called We Love Cambodia. Our prayer is to help Cambodian children and parents physically, intellectually and spiritually so they may carry out fruitful Christian lives.


There are several ways you can support We Love Cambodia Month, both financially and spiritually. There are three areas of need - please prayerfully consider where you are called to give.

Click "Make a Donation" and designate your gift to one of these three:

Cambodia Missions - help Summit fundraise for their next Mission Trip to Cambodia.

Helping Hands - $25 feeds a Cambodian family in need with foods essential for nourishment.

Building Stronghold - support Stronghold Cambodia as they raise funds for their new building!

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Month of Events

During the month of August, we are designating each week to a different area of need for Cambodian families. Click on each photo to donate directly to the cause.

  • Week 1: Cambodia Missions

    During the first week of August, Summit of Peace will be raising funds for our next Cambodia Mission. On our trips, we are able to support Stronghold Cambodia by building & fixing structures, bringing hygiene essentials, educate the students and parents associated with Stronghold, and more. Support our fundraising this week through our FORE Cambodia Golf Tournament, or Virtual Silent Auction.

    Select "Cambodia Missions" to Donate

  • Week 2: Helping Hands

    To help impoverished families in Cambodia, we are asking for $25 donations. $25 will provide a food gift for a family in need that includes rice, soy sauce, sardines, eggs, and fresh vegetables. Stronghold would like to provide food assistance to all 75 of our families for the next 3-6 months. Help us reach this goal by donating online!

    Select "Helping Hands" to Donate

  • Week 3: Building Stronghold

    Stronghold Cambodia is expanding! After purchasing land in 2019, they are ready to build a place for students and parents to gather in God's love, providing a safe space for continued education, basic essentials, and more. 15% of our General Fund donations on August 29th will be donated to Building Stronghold.

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Ways to Support We Love Cambodia

Hang tight while we look up scheduled events...

How Summit Serves with Stronghold

Summit of Peace has been coordinating efforts to send mission teams to Cambodia for the past several years. Here are just some of the ways we have served with Stronghold on these trips, and how we work to bring Christs' love to the children and families of Cambodia.

  • Spiritual Support

    Each time Summit's mission team visits Stronghold, our missionaries host a Vacation Bible School for the local community. Summit helps the students learn about the love of Christ through crafts, Bible stories, music, and more.

  • Education

    Throughout Summit's time at Stronghold, our missionaries teach various classes to enrich Stronghold's already amazing program. Stronghold teaches English, Math, Computer skills, and more. Having primary English speakers helps reinforce the language - which is the fastest way out of poverty in Cambodia.

  • Home Visits

    Summit supports Stronghold by not only providing extra hands to help with important tasks, but by learning, understanding, and praying for the local families surrounding stronghold. Summit visits the homes of the Stronghold students each visit to bring Christs' love in their home.

  • Manual Labor

    Cambodia has many needs as a third world country, including manual labor projects like building fences, washing walls, and even building bathrooms. Summit supports Stronghold by offering additional arms to make these dreams reality.

  • Building Relationships

    One of the best way to show Christs' love is by building relationships with our neighbors, our community, and our world. On our mission trips, it is easier than ever to create bonds with the Cambodian children - who are already filled with joy! They are always ready to receive the love of Christ.

  • Providing Basic Necessities

    Summit and Stronghold together serve the Cambodian students, their families, and even the surrounding community. Teaching parents basic hygiene & providing families basic necessities is one of the ways Summit serves with Stronghold on mission trips.

  • Painting Murals

    Summit has spent time painting Bible Stories on the murals of Stronghold's previous buildings - which help make Storytelling engaging and are a great reminder of all He has done for us. Stronghold has moved locations and will need new murals!