Missouri State University Fund

Thank you for visiting this page for David.  You can help send David to Missouri State University and thereby help the people of Cambodia.  David's expected cost for 2021-22 fall and spring semesters is $19,200 ($9,600/semester).  There is enough in his College Education fund to fully cover his fall semester, but he still needs $5,000 to cover his spring semester.  So, we are asking you to prayerfully consider donating toward David’s education and/or travel. 

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You can also mail a check to Summit of Peace Lutheran Church, 4661 E. 136th Ave, Thornton CO 80602, Colorado, USA. Please make it payable to Summit of Peace with MSU in the Memo Line.

Please understand donations to this fund are not tax deductible as it is to an individual fund.  

Educate David

After three years of high school in the United States, I graduated with my diploma in May! As I walked across

the stage to receive my diploma, I realized how far I have come these last few years. My dream of education in

the United States would have not been possible without your prayers and financial support. I have been

blessed with wonderful host families who supported me in every step of my high school journey. Saint Paul

Lutheran High School has impacted my life in so many ways. I will always remember it as my second home.

On June 7, I moved to Missouri State University (MSU) campus and started summer classes. I took two classes for

a total 6 credit hours and applied for a campus job. I was hired as a Custodial Assistant at the student union on

campus and started working in July. In the process, I was approved for a social security number. Being able to

work and help support my own education has always been a dream of mine. I am planning to put part of my

paycheck toward my college education.

Being on campus this summer was great but also a little challenging because not many freshmen took classes

during the summer. Thankfully, I met several post grad international students who shared useful insight about my

major and future employment opportunities. I also had the opportunity to meet with my advisor who was an

international student. I am now hoping to graduate in 3-1/2 years with a major in Cyber Security and a minor in

Business Analytics.

After a quick break in St. Louis between summer school and my fall semester. I am now back at MSU and settling

into my new dorm and getting acclimated to being one of many freshmen here.

My first priority is my college studies. I am committed to working hard and doing my best in my classes. But I

want to do all I can to reduce my college costs because I am dependent upon you, my donors, for support. My

family is also sacrificing for my education, both financially and personally due to the time and distance of our

separation. Because of immigration rules, I cannot return home until after college graduation - almost 7 years

from when I left Cambodia!

Again, I thank you for the sacrifices many of you have made to support me in my dream for a college education

here in the USA. Please consider partnering with me by giving toward my college education fund. But more

importantly, pray for God to grant me wisdom, courage and strength of character on my college journey. I thank

God for crossing my paths with you.